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VIDEO Featurette

Latex: Polymorphe Characters: Crimson (Bianca Beauchamp), Hornet (Marie-Claude Bourbonnais), 8-Ball (Andy Warshaw) Show: Heroes Of The North I shot and edited this video featurette on Heroes Of The North at Otakuthon 2010….

Polymorphe Video Ad

Makeup & Hair: Catherine Lavoie Latex: Polymorphe Character: Crimson (Bianca Beauchamp), Heroes Of The North This is the video ad I shot & edited for Polymorphe Latex Fashion, with model Bianca Beauchamp playing the character Crimson, as a tie-in with the web series Heroes of The North….

Poison Ivy photoshoot

This is avideo of a recent photoshoot I did with Bianca Beauchamp: a latex cosplay rendition of the character Poison Ivy from Batman.  The latex costume was custom made for Bianca by Vex Clothing.  The video is a teaser for the shoot published at . Hair & Makeup: Catherine Lavoie Latex: Vex Clothing direct…

Photoshoot in New-Zealand

I shot this video when traveling recently in New-Zealand with Bianca Beauchamp. Our goal was to scout to find exotic locations to shoot a latex catsuit and a latex bikini. New-Zealand is a fantastic country!  Wonderful scenery, warm and inviting people, superb colors.  We found this great waterfall during our road trip and thought this…

The Black Transformation

In this video, a complete transformation from white to black skin. I had been discussing for a while with my close team (Bianca, Catherine Lavoie, Catherine Allard) about the idea of doing a black chick transformation.  And we finally did it!  I won’t go into much detail.  Check out the clip for the complete story!…

Pony Girl Photoshoot

This video is an interview conducted by G4 website, with Bianca, during the Pony Girl Transformation photoshoot. I shot this editorial layout for Polymorphe Latex Fashion, to be published in Marquis magazine.  The scenario was to shoot a story that would then be printed in the style of a comic book (with text bubbles, etc.)….

Italian TV interview

This is an excerpt from an interview with myself and Bianca Beauchamp conducted by an Italian TV crew during the international event Fetish Evolution, Germany….

Film All Access 2 Trailer

? This is the trailer from the feature film Bianca All Access 2 (IMDB), which I directed and edited….

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